Hamilton Architects
Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh

Fermanagh District Council

Irish Construction Industry Awards 2017
Tourism and Hospitality Project of the Year

William Keown Trust Access Award 2016

The Castle complex is situated in the centre of Enniskillen on the bank of the river Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, which provided a scenic backdrop for this redevelopment project. Four buildings within the complex were restored and refurbished, with the construction of a new state of the art visitor centre also took place, as part of the Fermanagh Heritage Gateway Project.

The site holds historical significant due to its location on the river bank and its role in guarding one of the main passes into Ulster. Its strategic importance remained a pivotal factor with the addition of various buildings over time as the site evolved from a garrison fort into a military barracks and more recently into a Heritage Centre.

The project has transformed Enniskillen castle from a myriad of historic buildings into a cohesive heritage Gateway to the County. Implementing a strategic vision of conservation and refurbishment, the project has revealed the significance of the site historically, operationally and from an audience’s perspective. Regeneration has enabled Fermanagh County Museum to increase access to its collections of local, national and international importance, presenting the region’s stories for the enjoyment of all.

The scheme has created a state of the art introductory centre and History Hub, enhancing the historic buildings. The project pools museum, tourism and genealogy resources to become the first port-of-call for learning about Fermanagh’s heritage from the Drumclay Crannog to the G8 summit.