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Polish Animator Scoops RUA Bronze Medal sponsored by Kriterion Conservation Architects

Natasza Cetner, RUA Bronze Medal, Kriterion Conservation Architects, fox
An animation student has won the Bronze Medal, sponsored by Kriterion Conservation Architects, at the 135th Royal Ulster Academy of Arts annual exhibition at the Ulster Museum. Natasza Cetner, who is currently studying for an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art in London, won a cash prize for ‘The Three Tales from Alexandria’, one of three submissions she made to the exhibition.

“Two out of the three, the other being ‘Nero’, were selected for showing,” said Natasza. “I didn’t actually realise there was a prize for the best student artwork, so I am absolutely delighted. I have never even entered a competition before!” Natasza, who comes from Poland, has been studying in London for the past four years. Already, her films have been selected for showing at film festivals worldwide, including Venice, Edinburgh, Berlin, Dubai and Athens.

“I take my inspiration from folklore, mythology and psychology,” she said. “Three Tales, told from the viewpoint of an anonymous writer from Alexandria, take the viewer far back into the past, when humans perceived nature to be full of magic and mystical creatures.”

Paul Millar, Partner at Kriterion Conservation Architects, said: “I chose Three Tales because the stories are told in a simple way, using few words but with a beautiful drawing technique to evoke a deep contemplative mood.”

The RSUA Annual Exhibition is the longest established and the most visited in Northern Ireland, showcasing the very best work by talented artists.

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Natasza Cetner, RUA Bronze Medal, Kriterion Conservation Architects, birds